InLine is the industry leading online management system developed in house by Websters and bespoke to each client to manage their own service charge process.

No licence fees. No installation. No hassle.

End-to-end process

InLine is a simple to use online workflow tool guiding accountants, property managers and all other associated personnel through the service charge process bespoke to each client. The system’s workflow co-ordinates all users from budget setting through to the distribution of year end accounts to occupiers.

Each of our client’s processes are mirrored on InLine and separated into chronological stages for each user to complete on InLine within an agreed timeframe. The result is a co-ordinated end-to-end process ensuring control and management transparency.

End-to-end process.


Each user’s dashboard (or “home screen”) is a real time user friendly display of their responsibilities within the agreed process which is simple to navigate and allows the user to clearly see the status and progression of each property’s service charge cycle.

Each manager’s dashboard display is adaptable by way of a simple one click filter to allow sight of individual team member’s tasks and responsibilities, enabling simplified and transparent management.


Improved Query Resolution

InLine has a simple centralised query resolution module allowing better sharing of information and complete transparency of the progression of queries. This overcomes the most challenging part of the service charge review process by ensuring transparency and co-ordination of query replies between all users.

The system records an accurately documented audit trail of query responses and shared files providing a complete historical archive which can be used to aid future service charge reviews.

Improved Query Resolution.


  • Real time emails notify users when a task is completed
  • Reminder emails distributed to users for upcoming tasks
  • Weekly escalation emails to notify line managers of any overdue tasks within the team

Management Control & Reporting

The adaptable reporting function can utilise all data across the system providing a powerful management tool.

With bespoke report building options, a report can be formulated to suit all your requirements.

Management Control & Reporting.


All documents uploaded during the course of a service charge cycle are attached to the relevant stage of the process and stored within a document library for access at any time.

All completed historic service charge cycles can be easily accessed along with all associated documents.



InLine uses encryption, frequent back-ups and industry standard security techniques to keep your data, documents and details as safe and secure as possible.


Management tools

  • Management handover module – Monitor both new and ceased managements
  • Tenant recharges module – Control of quarterly expenditure recharges to tenants
  • Cash reconciliation module – Monitor preparation and progress of cash reconciliations to ensure regular completion. Report unresolved accounting balances that require action and may pose financial risk to the business
  • Analytics & reporting module – Coming soon
Management tools.

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“We started using InLine in 2015 and have seen immediate benefits. Websters went the extra mile to ensure success and have been on hand ever since with help and support.”

Head of Client Finance, Cushman & Wakefield

“The introduction of InLine has enabled us to manage the whole year round workflow in one place which has proved to be an invaluable tool to the business.”

Service Charge Manager, Avison Young

“InLine is user friendly and clear in establishing who is responsible for each step of the service charge audit. It is unique in how it keeps an audit trail throughout this process.”

Service Charge Manager, Cushman & Wakefield